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About Me:

Nicola Russell is an intuitive energy healer and mindfulness coach.

Galactic Shaman, Ascension Mentor, and Founder of Mindful Mindful Panda.


‘Before you can change your world, you must change your understanding of it.’


Nicola is a mother of two grown up children, Grace and William.  She currently lives in the UK with her dog, Louise, who is often seen in her videos. Her commitment to her work is paramount to her joy of life. As finding her life purpose has shifted her into another level of the evolution of her soul’s journey.

Nicola is an intuitive energy and sound healer; through her voice she activates others into their sovereignty. She provides a service from her heart and shines her resonance of wisdom and knowledge through her spoken word. She provides a heartfelt practice to all ages through her provision of mindfulness practices.

Nicola is an astounding energy healer.  A Reiki Master, Nicola has moved into a state of surrender and allowed her gifts to flow. Her practice now enables her to connect to her multidimensional aspects and galactic guides and experiences the integration of the flow of the universe.

The importance of her evolutionary practice provides a quantum energetic healing modality of the highest order, and still insists to evolve in her inner knowledge and endeavours to be open and surrender to all integrations of her potentiality. There is no end to her skills and is evolving every day to pursue her ultimate practice.

Nicola has a passion towards understanding the mental health of people during their ascension process. The evolution of the human. She is a mentor/ life coach on all subjects of Ascension, her program –‘Remembrance into the Light,’ supports many awakening souls. Through guidance and knowledge, Nicola offers many insights from her own understanding and perspective of this subject matter. Nicola is prevalent in creating video content, as well as written observations of her own experiences and provides an insight for others to follow, providing a platform of guidance from the heart, with pure intentions of love.

Nicola provides a support network full of integrity and authenticity. The activation of her light language gifts shifted her healing to another dimension.  A translator of the language of the universe, Nicola often translates at meetings where there is a presence of beings from other dimensions and the multiverse. A warrior of the light she also provides her gift of protective grid working systems. Nicola is privileged to be working with you and wishes to be of service to assist you on your journey.

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