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Release Your Emotions – Energetic Emotional Release 1 with Nicola Russell

  • by Nicola
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Release Emotions Practice with Nicola Russell Level 1

Energetic Emotional Release – (Cry Therapy)

Are you finding it difficult to regulate your emotions during these high energies and times of change? Are stuck in a cycle of emotions that hold you full of fear, anger, and sadness? Being triggered by others? Have family that may benefit from this information also? Then join us in this module – Energetic Emotional Release.

Emotions are regulated through the acceptance and the awareness of our experiences experienced through the egoic self.

Be aware that your emotions are energetic and can be released with intention and energetic flow practices. Your journey to self-healing starts here.

Physical illness occurs through holding onto your emotional states from past experiences. Let them go and prevent the dense energy from creating a sense of dis-ease within the physical body.


RECOMMEND you check out the Intuitive Breath Mastery course and Intuitive Energy mastery and The Invisible Self, energy awareness course. These courses create a firm foundation to help you on your ascension journey.


Intuitive Breathwork, Intuitive Energy, and The Invisible Self Links


What Will I Learn?

  • Help release negative emotions
  • Create a heightened sense of self-empowerment
  • Understand the phases of energetic release
  • Connecting with your shadow
  • Understanding of emotions
  • Quantum awareness
  • Understand how to move emotional energy through your physical body

Topics for this course

26 Lessons04h

Energetic Emotional Release?

Learn how to tap into your emotions and let them go through all time and space
Emotions – CRY Video Analysis00:03:48
Releasing Emotional Energy Through the Physical Body Movement00:10:15
Connecting with Your Shadow00:06:02
Connecting with Your Shadow Part Two00:06:08

EER Phases?

Your personal journey of EER

Additional Understanding – Quantum Energy information?

All things quantum and energetic - channeled information

Thank you for joining me

About the instructor



Nicola is an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her life path is to set you free. She is an amazing soul-to-soul mentor who helps many people on their spiritual journey and ascension pathways to find their mission here on planet Earth. You will find a clarification of this once you have connected to her and her activated gifts of Light. Light codes direct from higher sources of intelligence in the form of Light codes will activate and heal your understanding of who you truly are. From the humble beginnings of Reiki, her understanding of energetic frequencies and the embodiment of higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness will help you understand yourself a little deeper. Opening up everything that is Light in your energy and uncovering your own gifts to support you.
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Material Includes

  • Video and written content

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  • Be open to the content and embrace the opportunity to become your own powerful healer
  • Recommend - Complete Modules - Invisible self, energy awareness, and Intuitive breath mastery
  • Journal your experience and see how you evolve on your healing journey
  • Connect deeper into your understanding of self, far beyond your persona