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The Physical Body in the Quantum Field – Part 1 with Nicola Russell



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Are you interested in anything Quantum? Want to know more about your energy from a quantum perspective? Want to deepen your understanding of your energy healing modality?

Then join me on this course. This course consists of a series of written channeled documents and a simplified explanation of the information, explained on video by Quantum Energy healer, Nicola Russell.

Part 1 – will enable you to understand energy in the holographic field of our physical reality.

Inward and outward flow, form and flow, templates, and quantum convergence.

NOTE: TO COME Part 2  – will bring a deeper understanding of how to heal the physical body. Fantastic information for energy healers that wish a greater understanding of quantum.



What Will I Learn?

  • Let us take things to another level. This course has been written in a Pure Channeled state. Downloaded over several months by Nicola Russell, from the Archurian children. It will stretch your ego perspectives.
  • This course of information will enhance your understanding of this world as we know it, into the world of Quantum.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons03h

The Quantum Field

Inward and Outward Quantum Field00:04:46
Inward and outward flow
Flow and Form00:02:31
Form and flow
Universal Connection00:00:49
Universal connection
The Quantum Templates00:02:47
The quantum template

The Time is Now

The Art of Sound

The Art of Feeling in the Quantum field

Quantum Grieving Process

What’s next??

Join me in Part 2 of The Physical Body in the Quantum Field

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Written channeled information. Video content - The Physical Body in the Quantum Field.


  • Participants should have a firm grasp of the ascension process and be familiar with the concepts of Universal knowledge.