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A Series of Light language Codes with Nicola Russell – 2 Crown Connection


A Series of Light Language Codes with Nicola Russell – 2nd of 8 Series – Crown Connection to Higher Levels of Consciousness

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Having moved through the 21st December portal, we have now moved into the age of Aquarius. Amazing things are to come. These light language codes are here for you to help you clear collective fear, anger, and sadness, from your chakra systems and outer field. Entwined with new gridwork systems and activation codes, codes that will connect you to higher connection fields of consciousness, allowing your ascension process to be accelerated into your sovereignty.


What Will I Learn?

  • These light language codes will help you upgrade your energy centres and energetic field. Connecting with the codes allows you to release, upgrade, activate, and receive connections to upgraded gridwork systems and higher levels of consciousness connection.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons01h 30m

Introduction to your Chakra clearing 2021?

Welcome to this series of videos that are channeled light language codes that will help you clear your energy.
How to receive you light language codes for your best outcome

Chakra clearing videos?

Tap into the light language codes and let go of everything that no longer serves you on your journeying into the light

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Amazing! This helps me so much, I especially like the order it was done, very different, I really connected with this one ✨

Ohh WOW the energies in this chakra clearing video are amazing! Go ahead and treat yourself to these energies. Much 💘

Such a powerful clearing and the perfect way to start the new year. Looking forward to what unfolds. Thank you


Material Includes

  • Video content


  • Please be open to all possibilities
  • Connect with my energy for the greater good
  • Set your intentions into the light
  • Allow density to lift and release from your energy
  • Invite light energy to ignite your remembrance
  • Be in your physical body and allow the process
  • Trust and surrender