Purification of the energy centers Activation With Georgia Polden


This Purification code has been paired with various colour vibrations to assist in clearing distortion, energetic manipulation, conscious- and subconscious violation within the energy centres.

Energetic manipulation and violation happens on a daily basis from social media, marketing ads, tv/movies and many other ways that have been normalised.

We have more than likely faced some form of manipulation in our daily reality growing up. Children often face manipulation during schooling and we’ve all had various relationships with perceived unhealthy behaviours.

This is a part of life, for aeons we have been moving through these experiences. However, they can have a large role to play in preventing us from living from the heart. We protect ourselves from the manipulation by closing our energy centres. Due to the normalisation from the media we are numb to some of its destructiveness.

The purification activation will cleanse and clear the dissonance from your field. Drawing it out to the surface like an astringent so that it can be seen, healed and bring more conscious awareness to where manipulations can be subconsciously playing out.

There is a PDF guide to use the codes as a daily/weekly practice. This will enable the codes to keep working through and give you a conscious practice of maintaining a cleansed energy.

-Georgia Polden

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