Galactic Whale Attunement with Georgia Polden


Are you feeling as though parts of you are missing, wanting to integrate more of your galactic self?

We all hold many different aspects of self through multidimensions and inner earth realms. We have been shut off from this connection as Earth sunk into a 3rd-dimensional frequency. Now Mother Earth has risen and so, as a collective, we raise our own frequency and begin to remember who we truly are. You may be familiar with the label Starseed or light-worker, if this resonates with you and feels as though there is something more to your path, then connecting with the Galactic Whales may give you the remembrance you’ve been waiting for.

Galactic Whales hold ancient wisdom and the keys to our DNA unlocking. When we connect to the Galatic Whale grandmother and fathers of the planet, we awaken more of our light quotation, remember the wisdom within.

If this resonates and you can feel the energies pouring into your being now, then join me Georgia Polden, and the Galatic Whales through a journey of remembering.

What’s included:

Galactic Whale Light Code

Galactic whale transmission for a 14-week soul journey

with Georgia Polden