Ascension Symptoms, Schumann Resonance and Other Tools

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You might have heard about Ascension and if you are reading this, you are definitely going through it. This module is all about Ascensions, the changes happening to you and the new energies coming in and what they are doing to you. You also will be armed with tools to allow you to monitor the incoming energies.

  • Have you been feeling off? Have you been experiencing strange random headaches, ringing in your ears, sleep problems, unusual food cravings, fatigue, odd aches and pains? All of those feelings you have been experiencing are called Ascension Symptoms. We, as part of the collective, are going through massive energy upgrades causing these symptoms. This module is all about Ascension, the changes happening to you, and how to monitor the new energies coming in. I will be discussing Ascension Symptoms but also arming you with tools to monitor the energy. So next time that headache comes on or you feel drop dead tired, you will have tools at your disposal to check the incoming energies and verify for yourself that you are going through an upgrade.

We will be discussing and learning about:

  • What are Ascension Symptoms and why are they happening to you?
  • What is the Schumann Resonance? How it works and how to understand it.
  • What is the Magnetosphere and how to read it.

I will be also offering links and tools so once you learn how to read the Schumann Resonance and the incoming energies, you’ll be able to take hold and monitor them yourself.

This module is all about your empowerment, taking control of your ascension through learning.

I am excited to be on this journey with you.