Divine Earth Soul Embodiment with Georgia Polden


The time is right now to embody the new earth frequencies. Be the divine sovereign being you came here to be.

Many of us have been called to incarnate on Earth, to go through this new cycle of divine embodiment. Many are just beginning to go through this process. Ascension is natural, so the more we surrender and allow this transition, we open to a whole wave of cosmic awareness. With these frequencies come abilities and wisdom. You experience a total shift in reality. The way we see life has changed, possibly how we choose to live is no longer resonating, perhaps a career or relationship change.
Particularly in western culture, we have lost the deeper connection with Gaia and the subtle energies of many dimensions. This course will help you embody the divine being that you are, transmute what no longer serves you and create more flow with the process.

There are coded artworks for activations, light language transmission/meditations and PDF’s/videos with suggestions on how you can connect with nature on a deeper level.

The light language transmission and codes are there for you to feel and experience on a cellular level. Throughout your time on the course and after you will experience integration on a soul level.

The course is experiential. You will gain guidance to understand from the inner knowing, the heart space is where you will be receiving divine wisdom.