Healing Conflict Transmission By Georgia Polden


This is a free transmission for all who wish to receive and assist in raising the collective consciousness out of conflict into love.

The healing conflict

The chaos arises when the collective has had enough of the abuse, but much like a wounded inner child, they have little or no idea how to deal with this conflict. After suffering from suppression in many seen and unseen forms those that are in a state of fear are reacting from a flight, fight or freeze response. We have expected this kind of chaos by having awareness of the breaking down of old constructs. Any re-build gets a little messy before we can re-create from scratch. Even once something has been re-built, we often find there is a cleanup period before we can truly see the beauty of the new creation…

How long we stay in a level of chaos is down to us, do we play out the anger, or do we chose to love?

The quicker we re-balance into love consciousness the quicker we dissolve the dissonance held within our field. Using our incredible imagination we can visualize sacred geometry patterning that makes up our structure and rebuild it into something that is of a pure angelic frequency. By regularly practicing this method of restructuring our gird, we re-build the collective too. Even if you think all the madness of the outside isn’t something you’ve ever experienced, no doubt you may have come across a time when you haven’t dealt with conflict in a compassionate healthy manner. So, if it resonates, take the time to look within and clear the dissonance around conflict.

Here I am sharing this divine loving transmission to clear the conflict and upgrade templates of those that wish to assist in humanity’s evolution(hopefully that’s all of you :). As we embody templates that are anchoring the pure crystalline angelic light, the greater the impact it will have on the collective healing. There is an audio and mandala that pair together to ignite your senses of this energic transmission. Listen and gaze for as many times feels resonate for you. It is advised that you take time to rest after you have listened, as this gives uninterrupted integration time. You may feel a sense of purging in your physical body.

Infinite love

Georgia & Cosmic Heart Space