New Earth Intergration Session Package with Georgia Polden


New Earth six-session with light encoded art

An activation is generated through intuition. The intention is that the session is for the highest good of the individual, creating a unique experience that is in alignment with love and compassion. You will mainly experience during the session breathwork, meditation to align with the energies that we will be working with, crystals, and light language.

 Through the integration of the higher aspects of the oversoul, I am able to bring in high vibration sound frequencies and light technology to activate your Starseed evolution/ energetic DNA. The person is then given the opportunity to release old patterns, timelines, beliefs, negative energy, and so forth. This is also an opportunity in which the person is able to integrate with their higher self and aspects. Depending on how many session and where they are in their own soul’s evolution will determine what will be received.

I am able to perform the above during an online session via Zoom.

 These healing sessions can be equally as transformative as in person.

The energies of the beings, crystals, and sound can travel through all distances and time.

This is due to the fact that time isn’t linear and we are capable of shifting energetically through the quantum field and in fact, our heart space is a biomagnetic field which sends this signal for healing and communication.

The first session comes with a written coded art piece, which we use as a portal to contain the energy. This way you can use it as a meditation tool and come back to the experience through the artwork.

This is sent using a PDF format online. You can choose to pay for postage and packaging if you’d like the code in person. This price will vary depending on where in the world you are.  (Sent from UK)


-Georgia Polden