Angelic Crystal Portal activation with Georgia Polden


This is part three of three Sacred Earth Embodiment activations. (not essential to do all three, go with what resonates or purchase the bundle)

Here you’ll activate your connection to the sacred energies and remember your divine natural self. We journey with meditation, light language code artwork, and other suggested nature practices. this will awaken and deepen your connection to Gaia, angelic portals and your multidimensional/interdimensional aspects.

As a multidimensional being, it is likely you have lifetimes as angelic beings, inner earth/ earth guardians, and elementals. This will be your journey to remembering.

There are coded artworks for activations, light language transmission/meditations, and PDF’s/videos with suggestions on how you can connect with nature on a deeper level.

The light language transmission and codes are there for you to feel and experience on a cellular level. Throughout your time on the course and after you will experience integration on a soul level.

The course is experiential. You will gain guidance to understand from the inner knowing, the heart space is where you will be receiving divine wisdom.