Meet the Arcturian Star Beings with Sarah Goodman


Meet the Arcturian Star Beings

Do you feel like Earth isn’t really your home?

Have you always felt like the odd one out and struggled to fit in?

Are you fascinated with space and know there’s another life in our universe?

If you answered ‘YES’ then they’re probably a Starseed. 

I’m the same and I know it’s not an easy path.  That’s why I’ve designed a few courses to introduce you to some of the most loving Starbeing races. Learning more about these beautiful Starbeings will help you to feel more connected to your own Starseed gifts and abilities, plus accelerate your personal ascension process.

The Arcturians

The Arcturian Star Beings are a highly advanced race of Light Beings with great technological and healing knowledge.

In this 3 part video course, you will learn all about the Arcturian Star beings. You will learn all about the personalities and characteristics of these powerful Light Beings and gain a good understanding of who they are.

In the first video you will learn about their specific characteristics, their challenges, and also the traits of the Arcturian Starseeds incarnated on Earth.

In the next video, you will experience the extremely powerful and transformative Healing Light Pod on an Arcturian ship. This will surround your physical and energetic body in Arcturian healing light frequencies to stimulate all your senses and clear any blockages or distorted energy.

In the third video, you will hear the sound frequencies from a channeled Arcturian Light Language activation. This type of transmission is a new way to receive healing energies and is part of the evolution of communication on Earth.

This is part of a series of courses to learn more and gain a deeper understanding, of the different Star Beings. Check out the other courses on my page:

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