Raising A Star Child with Georgia Polden


Many are becoming aware that the Earth’s vibration has been shifting, which is bringing about higher levels of intuition and evolving to higher levels of consciousness. Due to this, we are also seeing large numbers of children, that are being born more today and over the last 35 years increasingly intuitive. 

Children who are highly intuitive may also be described as highly sensitive children, whether they are more emotional than most or be labeled with a disability. If this is so, being in everyday society, with structured which have not been changed for at least 50 years can be challenging for these children. 

Some typical traits:

Highly sensitive senses (touch, smell. taste)

Empathic/ emotional.

Don’t follow the rules and rebel against society’s constructs. 

Possibly labeled as – dyslexic, ADHD, ASD, EBD

Speak wisely beyond years/old soul.

Possibly speaking another language out of this world (Light language).

Remembers past lives, what their mission is on earth.

Sees spirits 

If this resonates, then this will be a great course for you. Here we will be giving full information on why they are here, what you can do to assist them in this world, activities you can take part in, and guided meditations. 


-Georgia Polden