Meet The Pleiadian Star Beings with Sarah Goodman


Meet Pleiadian Star Beings

The Pleiadian Star Beings are a very loving and spiritually aware race of Light Beings.

In this 3 part video course you will learn all about the Pleiadian Star beings. You will have the experience of  meeting them on a Pleiadian mothership, plus you will experience a Pleiadian Light Language activation.

In the first video you will learn about their main characteristics, their challenges and also the traits of the Pleiadian Starseeds incarnated on Earth.

In the next video you will experience a Soul Journey meditation to meet your Pleiadian family on a mothership. These loving Light Beings will connect with you via your eyes where you will receive personal information about your growth and ascension.

In the third video you will experience a unique and sacred Pleiadian Light Language activation. Light codes will be sent directly to you and assist you to awaken your heart and higher chakras energy.

This is part of a series of courses to learn more, and gain a deeper understanding, of the different Star Beings.

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Sarah Goodman