Stepping Into You (or Catching Up To Your Ascended Master Ways) with SA Smith

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This course is all about YOU, an amazing being who took a mission to come to earth and raise the vibration of it and everyone on it.

You did this. You took this mission.  This course is all about learning who you truly are and stepping into your own personal Superpowers called YOU! This course will help you tap into YOU, your truths, understandings, and your flow.

We will be covering this and more:

  • Who are You Really and Why are You Here
  • Learning how to Still the Mind
  • What is the Ego Mind
  • How to Connect to You, deeply
  • Love Yourself and Rewriting the Script of YOU,
  • How Words and Thoughts Create Your World
  • How to go from Automation to Creation
  • Working with Your Guides
  • Setting Intentions
  • How to Really Connect to Your Higher Understanding

You are so much more than you can even imagine.

Let me help you unlock all those amazing things hidden inside yourself.

Take my hand, let’s go on this journey together.

It all starts with you.

Come on, let’s do this!

SA Smith
A Girl in the Universe

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