Meet Sirian Star Beings with Sarah Goodman


Meet Sirian Star Beings

Sirian Soul Journey & Chakra upgrade

It’s very exciting when we begin to gain awareness of Star Beings and other multi-dimensional beings. It can feel like a whole new world of information and knowledge is opening up for us.

In these videos, I share knowledge about the Sirian Star race. Who are they, what characteristics do they hold and what are the signs that you may be a Sirian Starseed.

The first video describes more about these wise Star beings.

The next video takes you on a powerful soul journey where you will get to meet the amazing Sirian Light Beings. They will connect directly with you via eye contact and then upgrade your chakra system to a new higher vibrational state.

In the final video, I will share a different technique to contact the Sirian Star beings. It’s always good to have more than 1 option when connecting with Star beings as we all connect in different ways.

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