Cosmic Dragon Heart Expansion with Georgia Polden


This innate sound (light language) transmission with the cosmic mandala (light code art).

This particular transmission comes from the celestial dragons. They breathe Divine loving light technology into your heart space and upgrade your heart’s magnetic field. This enables more flow and expansion into the Divine consciousness of the New Earth.

There will be a PDF manual, giving you guidance on how to use this light code technology and integrate it into your daily practice. Water elixirs are one of the main guidance, that is offered by these divine sacred beings. This is how we alchemize the light into crystalline within our bodies.

Together with sound/frequency and visuals of this Sacred Divine light, you will go on initiation into the path of divine love and organic ascension. Clearing the heart space is vital at this time, many old paradigms and false teachings are falling away. The heart space is the ultimate truth receiver and our connection to pure loving source truly meets our physical being.


– Georgia Polden