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October 30, 2020

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8:20 pm

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Have you started speaking, signing, writing light language? Are you new to this wonderful gift? Or have you been practicing for a while now? Either way, this connection group will be so beneficial for you. When we come together and share our understanding, we become empowered.

This group will gather once a month, where we can connect and eventually evolve together. The main objective is to share and connect. Future group meetings will progress into the development of our light language understanding.

Why not join us and meet like minded souls, ready to support and activate each others remembrance of your beautiful gift of light language.

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Event F.A.Q

Light Language Connection Group - Do I have to be able to speak Light Language?

No, you can still join, you may even get activated!

Light Language Connection Group - How often are these events running?

This will be the first event, we are going to continue on a monthly basis. Dates will be organized shortly.

Light Language Connection Group - What will happen during these group meetings?

We will be concentrating on connecting to our tribe. Going with the flow with content, guided in an organic practice.

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Total Seat: 15 (10 Left)

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  • October 30, 2020
    8:20 pm - 9:21 pm
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