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We are a team of spiritual leaders from all around the globe that have come together to bring all our work and spiritual evolution into one place. This is the home of Ascension, of Learning, Growing, Evolving, and most importantly of Love. This is Starseed YOU.

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StarseedYOU offers courses from Spirtual Masters to Mental Health and Wellness. It's all about YOU.

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Our Instructors are from all over the Globe. Learning and Living this life they are teaching about. Each knows how you're feeling on this journey because they've been there too.

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You are more than you’ve ever imagined. You are more than your body, your mind, the things you do all day, the places you go, or the products you consume. What if I told you there is more to life what you’ve been told? That YOU are more than you’ve been allowed to be? What if I told you, you have the ability to create and manipulate your world around you with the power of your thoughts? That if you were to embrace those abilities, truly embrace them? You would be powerful beyond your wildest dreams.
The key to your life is inside you, we are only here to show you how to unlock it.

Masters in their Fields from Around the Globe

It started with an idea. An idea between SA Smith and Nicola Russell to birth a portal of enlightenment where people from around the world could find the answers they were looking for in one place. A place where people with vision could share their voices and special gifts with everyone, equally.

Starseed YOU strives to bring you the best of the best via courses, classes, one-on-one sessions, and live events. With mind-blowing ideas, experiences, and pathways that will shine a bright light on your journey and help you connect to the YOU you’ve been trying to find. This is all about YOU, Starseed YOU.

Online Classes At Prices YOU Can Afford

Our mission at Starseed YOU is to bring you course content that doesn’t break the bank. Many of our Master Instructors offer modular courses. Meaning you might understand one area but need help in another. So you can buy that course module and not the ones you don’t need. Each Master Instructor sets their own prices and even offers free classes from time to time.

  • Modular Courses at Affordable Prices
  • Master Instructors from around the World
  • Choose what resonates with you
  • Online Courses and One-on-One Sessions
  • Special Events and Online Gatherings
  • Master Instructor Monthly Spotlight

We Don't Like to Brag, but We've Got Some Amazing Master Instructors.

“Cosmic Intutive, Energy Alchemist. She has the ability to connect to her clients energies, speak with their guides, see ailments & other energetic issues in their fields. BQH certified for past and future life regression.”

SA SmithMaster Instructor

“Yoga and Qigong master instructor. Energy Healer certified in multiple modalities, a Breath and Meditation instructor, plus a Tibetan Bowls Sound Healer and instructor. LMT certified as well.”

Fabiola KindtMaster Instructor

The only limitations that exist are the ones you put upon yourself. At Starseed YOU, we want to show you how to remove those blocks, open up your light, and connect YOU to a world you may have only dreamed of.

So, what are you waiting for? Your change starts today!

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