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Self Healing?

Use your energy healing on yourself first to gather your experience before you move on to others

Healing friends, family, and animals?

Move onto others with your practice and get feedback

Energy healing with clients?

When you are ready to move forward on with your journey, you may want to progress into an energy exchange

Practice information?

Insurance and other information

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Voice Sound Healing


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How to get your certificate?

Thank you for joining me

Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the course – Quantum Energy and Sound Healer

Understanding the information prior to you moving into the actual course of becoming a Quantum Energy and Sound Healer will give you a firm foundation of information, supporting the information held within this course. 

When you work through this course, please feel free to move back a pace into visiting some of the other courses, if you feel the need to do so. All of the courses will be accessible all the time you hold an account with StarseedYOU. There are no time limits to having your courses available to you. 

Throughout this course, you will work through the content in video and written format. 

Quizzes will help you test your understanding. I will be available for you to message along the way. I am looking forward to arranging our first mentoring session with you, please take notes of any questions to have regarding anything so far. I am here to assist you on your healing journey and that of healing others. remember, the more work you do on yourself, the more you will be open to upgrading your systems to bring in more of your gifts. 

Prerequisite Course Costs

Multidimensional Aspects – Free 60 minutes

The Invisible Self – $19.99  150 minutes

Pure Channeling –  $19.99   120 minutes

Intuitive Breath Mastery $7.77   60 minutes

Intuitive Energy Mastery  $14.44   60 minutes

Deep Core Wounds  Free  45 minutes

Energetic Emotional Release  $33.33  180 minutes

Total 675 minutes of courses @ $95.52