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Self Healing?

Use your energy healing on yourself first to gather your experience before you move on to others

Healing friends, family, and animals?

Move onto others with your practice and get feedback

Energy healing with clients?

When you are ready to move forward on with your journey, you may want to progress into an energy exchange

Practice information?

Insurance and other information

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Voice Sound Healing


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How to get your certificate?

Thank you for joining me

Phases of Understanding

Phases of Understanding

It is important to break this course down into 3 phases

1 Energy

2 Sound

3 Quantum

As you move through into understanding your practice you will start to move from one stage of awareness into another. Start with really understanding the energetics of healing, within yourself and that of others. Then bring in your toning and awareness of your breath. Thirdly, move into the quantum field. Being aware of the past, present, and future. 

When you break things down and let them integrate into up-leveling your mind, you will start to understand a little deeper and your gifts will start to show themselves.