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Intuitive Breath Mastery with Nicola Russell

  • by Nicola
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Intuitive breath mastery

Far beyond the logical and conscious mind, you will find your intuition. Here is where I want to take you on this breathwork practice of breath mastery. Your intuitive breath. A simple and effective understanding of your energetic breath will help your healing journey. Self-mastery, self-empowerment!

When we push through the boundaries of our breathwork into a higher perspective with an intention, the breath becomes a powerful tool.

Join me on this journey of discovering your breath and surrender to the process. This journey will lead you to a powerful self-healing journey.

To enhance this understanding, take a look at the Invisible self course, being aware of your energy will help the self-healing process.



What Will I Learn?

  • Push through your boundaries and evolve through connecting with your intuitive breath
  • Self-empowerment tool to self-healing
  • Understanding of your physical and energetic breath
  • Light and density breath
  • Intuitive breathwork
  • Conscious breathwork
  • Practice guidance

Topics for this course

12 Lessons01h

Breath Mastery?

A series of videos explaining how to connect to the evolution of your breath.
Energetic Breath00:9:45
Energic breath
Light and Density00:09:47
Light and density
Intuitive Breath00:09:06
Intuitive breath
Types of breath00:01:43
Releasing Intuitive Breath00:05:58
Types of intuitive breath work
Introduction to Practical00:01:09
Practical Demonstration00:07:34
Experiencing Breath Video00:03:52
Tips of intuitive breath work
One to one Mentorship
Thank you for joining me

About the instructor



Nicola is an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her life path is to set you free. She is an amazing soul-to-soul mentor who helps many people on their spiritual journey and ascension pathways to find their mission here on planet Earth. You will find a clarification of this once you have connected to her and her activated gifts of Light. Light codes direct from higher sources of intelligence in the form of Light codes will activate and heal your understanding of who you truly are. From the humble beginnings of Reiki, her understanding of energetic frequencies and the embodiment of higher dimensional frequencies of consciousness will help you understand yourself a little deeper. Opening up everything that is Light in your energy and uncovering your own gifts to support you.
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It is a great step by step lesson and experience. It takes a while to become conscious of my breath and the flow and when that happened, I was really feeling very calm, I was releasing lots of energies that are not serving me anymore and the more I practiced I wnt into a trance mode and actually was in a journey. This is more a refresher course for me.I was so much involved with the collective energy being still working fulltime. Everytime I had my journey I was feeling so refreshed afterwards! I really recommend it for new learners and as a refresher course as well! thank you Nicola!

Nicola explains it so well so I found the breathwork really easy to understand. I was breathing together with her while listening to the videos and when I was to connect to my higher self it took literally two breaths and I got my first connection. I could even smell my higher self, a mix of mango and pineapple 😍
I really recommend this course. 👍🏻🙂🌸


Material Includes

  • Video content


  • Allow yourself to surrender to your gift of breath far from the physical breath. The practice is essential to Master your understanding.