Inner Child Trauma Recovery – A Journey Of Release, Repair and Recovery with Diane McCann


Begin the journey of release, repair, and recovery from inner child trauma.

My belief is that the most important gift we can be shown in our lives is the gift of self-empowerment and the ability to nurture our emotional and mental wellbeing. Understanding our true self, the experiences we have encountered, and how to become empowered by them is fundamental in building foundation blocks for self-regulation, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief, self-responsibility, and self-worth. As you can see everything begins with OURSELVES.

Events in our life affect us. As children, we can be exposed to traumatic experiences. These experiences may be the result of events, people, programming, varying aspects of abuse, and systemic beliefs. They can lead us to build up barriers and create cycles of, self-sabotage, feel unworthy of good things. Be frightened of changes and want to feel safe even if that means wrecking things for ourselves. It’s all about survival and feeling safe and sometimes we feel safe when we control, it’s a pattern we have had to learn sometimes in life.

What if there was a different way? A different way of BEING? A self-empowered way of changing unhealthy patterns created in our life?

When we are able to understand with a different perspective why experiences in our life are playing out in themes of destruction and dysregulation, we learn about choice. CHOICE allows us to take back control of our lives and to channel and nurture our emotions positively.  Setting ourselves free from limiting beliefs and internalized programming.

I’m a huge advocate in believing that our experiences in life are here to help us learn and grow, they are not about defining who we are, making us victims unless we make that choice.

If you want to learn how to release your energy patterns of inner child trauma and be the creator in your life then this course is a MUST! It really is a pivotal turning point.

From this point forward YOU CAN CHOOSE to make different choices!

From my heart to yours, enjoy.

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