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Introduction to StarseedYou

Welcome to Our Family

Enrolling Onto StarseedYou

Welcome to Our Family

Welcome to StarseedYou the online platform that will change your life with a greater understanding of who you are. Bringing you a sense of empowerment as you grow towards a stronger you. 

Many people are starting to question their lives in these strange and changing times. Here at StarseedYou we understand the process and have experienced these changes within ourselves. We have grown and are still working on ourselves with our own journey. We are here to be of service to you, to provide intuitive and foundational information to support you with your spiritual growth. To regain your authenticity and sovereignty of your soul, moving you forward into a place where you are able to step forward a little wiser, a little stronger, to move forward into helping others. Creating ripples of change across this Earth as we rise. 

This platform will support you by supporting us. Our courses are all given from the heart. All from a perspective of Love. This website was founded by SA Smith from A Girl in the Universe. Along with Nicola Russell, they have provided a platform of change for you. StarseedYou was divinely orchestrated and birthed in 2020 and is growing stronger day by day with your support and participation. 

Our Free content will give you a feel of our instructors and their offerings. Please feel free to connect with all the Free content on offer. You never know it may spark something within you.