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Welcome to the light language course

Light Language Beginnings

Forms of Expressions

Physicality of Communication of Light

Fire Codes

Template Adjustment

Quantum Energy Information

Galactic Shaman

Multidimensional Aspects

Light Language Transmission

Activation Transmission Video

What’s next?

Surrender and Trusting the Process

Surrender to the process

Different souls will express themselves according to their experience and soul’s journey/ blueprint. We encourage each and every soul that has started their journey in their remembrance and that has ignited their gifts to allow the flow of the gift. Surrendering to the uncovering and remembrance is imperative for the flow of the experience and creates a greater probability of unveiling the true nature of your soul’s journey in this incarnation.

Trusting the expression, no matter what and how you express your gifts, it is important to understand everything works out for your highest good. Humanity will understand your gift as they rise up into their light, but knowing your truth will hold your light and others will understand. But until then, surrendering and trusting your own truth will help you with your integration and remembrance of your light. Others may not understand, but this is their perspective of their journey. Have compassion for their process and honor their experience.