The Invisible Self – Intuitive Energy Awareness Course


The Invisible Self – FULL COURSE

Are you feeling blocked from moving on in your life? Do you keep going around in circles and can’t seem to move on?

Change your life by understanding your energetic self.

Change your life by changing your vibration.

It starts inside, It starts here.

These videos are simple, and easy to understand, although from time to time will push your understanding. Be patient with yourself, as it takes practice, self-love, and commitment to change your inner world, so you can move to change the outer.
You have chosen to become more aware and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

2 hours of video content

What Will I Learn?

  • Discover your energy and how understanding it will change your life
  • Connection to energy and understand your power
  • The physical body and energetic balance
  • Setting energetic boundaries
  • How to release dense energy
  • Understanding intention and knowing
  • Practice releasing your emotions energetically to heal

Topics for this course

36 Lessons02h

General Energy Understanding?

The general knowledge of the energy flow is essential to understand for you to move into knowing how to clear your energetic field. This section comprises of a short video and written content. Please work through the information provided and complete the short quiz for the self-evaluation of your understanding.
The Invisble Self01:11
Energetic Bodies07:38
Chakras and flow04:45
Density Of Energy Held within the Energetic Field07:07
Esotectic Gaps05:22
Being in your Flow04:09
Cultivation of Positive Energy – light07:17

What is Energy?

Connection To The Universe

Connection To The Physical

Connection to Earth?

How can we be more effective in feeling our energy being anchored into the earth's grid? When we do, we feel more contented with our experience.

How do You Feel Energy?


Energetic Breathe Release

Energetic Boundaries

Emotional Response and Energy

ONE TO ONE Mentoring sessions available?

As well as offering online courses, I am also available for one to one mentorships and ascension coaching sessions.

Journal your experiences?

If you feel drawn to journal your experiences, please use this space to express how you are evolving.
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  • Please work through the course step by step. Allow yourself to integrate the information, as some subjects may feel a little surreal, depending on the stage of your journey, let it be and be open to the information given.