Intuitive Breath Mastery


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Intuitive breath mastery.

When we push through the boundaries of our breathwork into a higher perspective with an intention, the breath becomes a powerful tool.

Join me on this journey of discovering your breath and surrender to the process. This journey will lead you to a powerful self-healing journey.

45 minute video content


What Will I Learn?

  • Push through your boundaries and evolve through connecting with your intuitive breath
  • Self-empowerment tool to self-healing
  • Understanding of your physical and energetic breath
  • Light and density breath
  • Intuitive breathwork
  • Conscious breathwork
  • Practice guidance

Topics for this course

11 Lessons45m

Breath Mastery?

A series of videos explaining how to connect to the evolution of your breath.
Breath Mastery – Introduction43
Physical breath04:55
Energetic breath9:45
Light and density09:47
Intuitive Breath09:06
Types of breath01:43
Releasing intuitive breath05:58
Introduction to practical01:09
Experiencing breath video03:52
Practical demonstration07:34
One to one Mentorship
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  • Allow yourself to surrender to your gift of breath far from the physical breath. The practice is essential to Master your understanding.