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Past Life Regression and Light Language Transmission with Susie George


Past Life Regression and Light Language Transmission with Susie George

This is a beautiful past life, meditation course that will benefit you, whatever stage you are in your spiritual development.

I will take you on a journey that will awaken your subconscious to the most appropriate time and place for your soul’s highest good.

Have you ever wondered why you allow fear and phobias to dominate your life?

These can be past contracts or past cords that are attached to this reality and lifetime, that are still affecting you in this now moment. By allowing me to enable you to recognize these, you will awaken your subconscious mind to these programs and it will allow you to let go of the past. You may have been subconsciously been holding on to these for eons.

When I take my clients through a quantum healing hypnosis therapy, we go in at a much deeper level. If you would like to find out more about my QHHT/BQH sessions, please visit my website: 

or email me

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What Will I Learn?

  • Clearing energy blocks.
  • Finding out about your past lives.
  • Understand your core beliefs and where they come from.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons2h

Past life Introduction?

Past life Introduction
Past Life Introduction00:4:00
Grounding and Protecting00:6:00
Past Life’s the Akashic Records00:04:50
Past Life Chakra Explained00:7:00
Past Life Mediation00:30:42
Past life. Re balancing and bringing in the love00:04:37
Past life. Thank you and goodbye00:01:14
Disconnecting my energy from yours00:01:00

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Links to my website and Facebook page
  • Contact email address


  • To achieve the maximum benefit from my videos, you will need to be in a quiet area where you can concentrate on my voice, without being disturbed. You can lay or sit comfortable. Please drink a lot of water after the sessions. It is essential that at the end of the course you disconnect your energy from mine by placing that intention to disconnect. Please follow the last video.