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Meet The Pleiadian Star Beings with Sarah Goodman


Meet Pleiadian Star Beings

The Pleiadian Star Beings are a very loving and spiritually aware race of Light Beings.

In this 3 part video course you will learn all about the Pleiadian Star beings. You will have the experience of  meeting them on a Pleiadian mothership, plus you will experience a Pleiadian Light Language activation.

In the first video you will learn about their main characteristics, their challenges and also the traits of the Pleiadian Starseeds incarnated on Earth.

In the next video you will experience a Soul Journey meditation to meet your Pleiadian family on a mothership. These loving Light Beings will connect with you via your eyes where you will receive personal information about your growth and ascension.

In the third video you will experience a unique and sacred Pleiadian Light Language activation. Light codes will be sent directly to you and assist you to awaken your heart and higher chakras energy.

This is part of a series of courses to learn more, and gain a deeper understanding, of the different Star Beings.

I have a FREE Starseed quiz to help you discover which Star Being energy you hold the most of on my website at



What Will I Learn?

  • Greater understanding of Star Beings
  • Light Language activations
  • Meditations

Topics for this course

3 Lessons1h 30m

Who are The Pleiadians?

In this first video you will learn all about the loving and expansive Pleiadian Star Beings. You will hear about their characteristics, their strengths and challenges. Plus you will discover if you hold the energy of a Pleiadian starseed.
Who are the Pleiadians00:18:25

Visit a Pleiadian mothership?

Experience a Soul Journey meditation to meet your Pleiadian family on a mothership. These loving Light Beings will connect with you via your eyes where you will receive information about your personal growth and ascension.

Pleiadian Light Language Activation?

In this video you will receive powerful Light codes channelled by Sarah from the Pleiadians. Light codes bypass your conscious mind and activate a remembering in your energy bodies and soul. You don't need to understand what it means as your energetic bodies will feel the resonance frequency and absorb the light codes into every cell in your physical body. It's similar to a sound healing energy session where the frequency will affect you just by you being within the vibrational range. This affect could make you feel a little tired or possibly energised while your body adjusts to the new healing vibrations. Any changes will settle down quickly.

About the instructor

Hello. I have been a sensitive healer and empathic psychic my whole life. Having experiences of Star beings in my childhood I have spent my life developing a deep understanding of the different Star races and beings. I, like many Star seeds, have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. I discovered many energetic and vibrational tools that supported my healing and journey to fully express my soul's essence here on Earth. I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and teachings with you all here on Starseed You.
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4 Courses

351 students


Material Includes

  • Video teachings
  • Soul journeys and meditations
  • Activations


  • A notebook & pen to record all your insights