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Meet Sirian Star Beings with Sarah Goodman


Meet Sirian Star Beings

Sirian Soul Journey & Chakra upgrade

It’s very exciting when we begin to gain awareness of Star Beings and other multi-dimensional beings. It can feel like a whole new world of information and knowledge is opening up for us.

In these videos, I share knowledge about the Sirian Star race. Who are they, what characteristics do they hold and what are the signs that you may be a Sirian Starseed.

The first video describes more about these wise Star beings.

The next video takes you on a powerful soul journey where you will get to meet the amazing Sirian Light Beings. They will connect directly with you via eye contact and then upgrade your chakra system to a new higher vibrational state.

In the final video, I will share a different technique to contact the Sirian Star beings. It’s always good to have more than 1 option when connecting with Star beings as we all connect in different ways.

This is part of a series of courses to learn more, and gain a deeper understanding, of the different Star Beings.

I have a FREE Starseed quiz to help you discover which Star Being energy you hold the most of on my website at

What Will I Learn?

  • Deeper connection to Starbeings.
  • Chakra energetic upgrade
  • Meditation skills
  • Knowledge of Sirian culture

Topics for this course

4 Lessons1h 30m

Who are the Sirians?

Learn more about the Sirian Star Beings.
Meet the Sirian Star Beings00:14:01
Evidence of Star Races having been visitors on Earth00:00:00

Sirian Soul Journey?

Meet with the Sirian Whales and Dolphins in this unique and powerful guided soul journey. You will experience a journey under the sea into the Sirians world where your energy will be cleared using a Sirian energy device. You will also establish a deep connection with your own Sirian guide. What insights will the Sirians have to share with you?

Sirian Chakra Upgrade?

The wise and pragmatic Sirian Starbeings will assist you to upgrade your energetic systems. You will also receive information for your own personal healing journey directly from a Sirian Being.

About the instructor

Hello. I have been a sensitive healer and empathic psychic my whole life. Having experiences of Star beings in my childhood I have spent my life developing a deep understanding of the different Star races and beings. I, like many Star seeds, have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. I discovered many energetic and vibrational tools that supported my healing and journey to fully express my soul's essence here on Earth. I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and teachings with you all here on Starseed You.
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4 Courses

347 students


Material Includes

  • Video lessons
  • Soul Journey and meditation


  • A notebook to record your experiences