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Meditation and Grounding Into New Earth aka Blessed Gaia with SA Smith of A Girl in the Universe

  • Course level: Intermediate


I am so excited you have found this advanced meditation. This is for those of you that want to ground into New Earth or as my guides call it, Blessed Gaia.

In this meditation, we will be visiting Blessed Gaia, grounding in, and then your guides will come forward and tour you around.

I have been sharing this meditation with my Patreon group and they just love it, I hope you will too.

Much Love and Light,

SA Smith

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Meditation and Grounding on Blessed Gaia

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About the instructor

SA Smith is a Spiritual Intuitive. She has always been sensitive beyond the normal. She has the ability to tap into the Collective and feel what is happening and help her clients tap in too. She sees images, shapes, places, and events before they happen. She uses her connection to Source and her Guides, her Clients Guides, and their Higher Self during her sessions. Her guides help her answer your questions with a deeper understanding than we have in our own realms. Sometimes you just need an answer, want to know when that change in coming, need it be a new job or a new love. By connecting into your energy SA can see that connection and share all it’s information with you. It is a magical thing and she loves sharing it with her clients. As an energy practitioner, she will connect to your energy during a session. This allows her to see what is going on in your field. She also feels your pain which allows her to connect in deeper to what she needs to clear and upgrade in your energetic system and bring in energetic upgrades from your higher self. SA is certified in several different Energy Modalities to allowing her several ways to work with her clients. She is a licensed Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, and a reverend. SA is also a Certified Ascension Life Coach, specializing in ascension, awakening, life purpose, and personal energies understanding and guidance.
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Thank you so very much for this guided meditation. I felt held. I felt safe. I felt peace. The beauty that I witnessed is not easily put into words.
T H A N K Y O U!

SA's guidance in her meditation to Blessed Gaia is so soothing. I could see everything unfold as i followed her voice into Blessed Gaia. I could see the beautiful water, grass, tree's, my home, and a waterfall right next to it with lush greenery that was so vibrant and alive. I also saw my parents that have passed coming to visit me, with all my beloved pets that have passed as well. We were rejoicing and so happy to see each other again. My pets were running around me and were so excited to the point they were in the air at eye level, it was wonderful! I will be doing the meditation again, along with others SA has to offer. There is more to unfold, unlike anything i could ever imagine.

I loved it, like I could see the waterfall and flowers my favorite!!! I want to learn more

Beautiful, well guided meditation for grounding