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FREE Sensing Subtle Energies with Sarah Goodman


FREE :Learn to Sense Subtle Energy

Learning to feel energy has so many benefits for our personal growth. It is the first step to being able to channel healing energies or activate your Light Language.

It’s a very exciting and powerful time for a student.

The expansion and increase in energy we feel when we begin to work with the light in a more conscious way is a magical time of growth.

The higher energies and galactic vibes are a joy to experience.

Unfortunately it’s really common for students to go in the wrong direction when trying to build their connection to Star beings.

In this video I share some tips and tricks on how to really fine tune your skills in sensing subtle energies.

This is part of a series of courses to learn more, and gain a deeper understanding, of the different Star Beings.

I have a FREE Starseed quiz to help you discover which Star Being energy you hold the most of on my website at

What Will I Learn?

  • Increase your psychic abilities
  • Feel subtle energy
  • Practical energy tips

Topics for this course

1 Lessons30m

Sensing Energy

Tips to begin feeling energy.00:09:17

About the instructor

Hello. I have been a sensitive healer and empathic psychic my whole life. Having experiences of Star beings in my childhood I have spent my life developing a deep understanding of the different Star races and beings. I, like many Star seeds, have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. I discovered many energetic and vibrational tools that supported my healing and journey to fully express my soul's essence here on Earth. I feel blessed to be able to share my knowledge and teachings with you all here on Starseed You.
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Hello, it\'s a beautiful experience during demo, I already felt this wonderful feeling going within and sensing my energy blockages. Thank you so much Ms. Sarah looking forward to practice everyday. Namaste <3 :)

Thank you Sarah for a this is great little introduction into feeling subtle energy. Very practical and easy to digest!

This was a wonderful introduction on learning to feel energy. I'm looking forward to practicing these techniques that Sarah has very kindly shared 😊


Material Includes

  • Video lesson.
  • Practical energy exercises


  • Regular practice is recommended.