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Introduction into Energetic emotional release

Introduction into energetic emotional release.

Letting go of your emotions is important to your ascension journey. The energy of density that sits in your emotional body creates an emotional response in your physical reality. Creating the experience of fear, anger, and sadness.

This process of first recognizing the emotion and then processing the emotion will enable you to move through the process of letting go. Once you find yourself being able to let go, you will need to move through the layers. Bringing emotions forward from the subconscious mind into the conscious. This energetic release system will help your remove the layers of conscious emotional states that leave you and ultimately lessen your emotional states in your physical reality.

On another of understanding of releasing your energetic emotional resonance, when you hold onto your density the experience may create a sense of dis-ease within the physical body. Trapped emotions create aches, pains, physical disease, and emotional seizures.  When you are in flow you can let go of this energy and allow the body to heal again. Creating ease and flow.





There are so many illnesses that are created from holding on to your emotions. Create the physical reality you want and be in your flow. Start by going inside and you know you are a beautiful being of light. Be you, Starseed you.