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Divine Feminine Womb Healing Meditation Course with Susie George


Divine Feminine Womb Healing Meditation Course with Susie George

Divine Womb Healing helps to restore your womb to its original innocent state.

Did you know your womb holds and stores all the traumas from this lifetime and all other lifetimes that you have ever lived?

It also holds ancestral traumas from your ancestral lines, it also stores all guilt and shame in your womb and holds it like a sponge.

Womb healing can help remove and clear these blocks. leaving you feeling lighter and enable you to live a fuller happier life,

Your womb is a focus of rebirth and creativity.

When these blocks are clear it will be easy for you to manifest all the things that you have ever wanted and help move you away from your trauma.

When they are not clear a feeling of helplessness and even despair or depression can occur thoughts of not feeling worthy may also result.

If you have a history of difficult childbirth miscarriages or abortions any abuse or any trauma of controlling or manipulation, then this meditation can help you it can also help balance feminine and masculine energies.

These meditations can be used time and time again as they have layers on them and the codes within them can get deep down and help remove blocks negativity.


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What Will I Learn?

  • To clear and clean your womb space
  • Removes guilt and shame
  • To remove trauma from this life time, and all other life time you ever had
  • Can help with heavy and painful periods
  • Helps you become who you truly are
  • Balance feminine and masculine energies.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons3h

Introduction Video

Part 2 – Womb healing with Goddess cards,?

Please watch the video and once you have select your goddess card , I then require you to look at connect with the goddess before moving to the next video.

Part 3 – Womb healing settling and grounding your energy

Part 4 – Master Womb healing

Part 5 – Womb healing bringing in the light

Part 6 – Womb healing cutting cords of energy

Part 7 – Womb healing thank you message

Part 8 Open eye light language transmission

About the instructor

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4 Courses

54 students


Material Includes

  • Video Content


  • Find some were quite you will not be disturb
  • Not to be done on a full moon
  • Set intension
  • Please lie down and follow video in order
  • Candles and rose petals