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Introduction to the Course

Self Healing – Using your Light to Heal Yourself

Advanced Light Language Dialects

Advanced Fire Codes

Healing Others Using Your Light Gifts

Distant Healing

Galactic Shaman

Releasing of lower Multidimensional Aspects

Examples of Light Expression

Light Language Transmissions

The Intuitive Healer Recordings

Thank you for joining me

Introduction to the Course

Introduction – Unveiling the True You

You think you are the person you were brought up to be, people have told you what your name is, where you live, what you should do, and how to behave. A programmed mind of understanding who you are. But under all of that you are much more and beyond you could ever imagine. You are so much more and you are starting to see a small glimmer of this by the activation of the gift of Light expression.

The process to go deeper into your own understanding of who you are, starts with your awakening and many of us who have ignited our gift. There are layers and layers as we move through the ascension. Uncovering the understanding at a deeper level. This course will be as far as I have journeyed so far, providing you with information from my perspective.

Please use your discernment on your journey. Observe if you do not get to understand the information at first. You may be triggered, you may completely get it and have many clarifications of the information in this course. I hope you find this information useful and that it will help you in the remembrance of your Light. 

Understanding Light Language Course