Pure Channeling Workshop with Nicola Russell


Pure Channeling Workshop with Nicola Russell

90 minutes of Pure Channeling information

What is pure channeling? It is a state of pure connection, with a multitude of aspects of self and higher self. You connect to you for a higher level of understanding.

This workshop is for those that wish to gain a greater practical understanding of this amazing subject. It is my absolute privilege to bring this information forward, to help you on your ascension journey. With this connection, you will be able to trust and surrender to the process. Here on StarseedYOU, we have an online course on Pure Channeling with Nicola Russell. See the link below, it is not a prerequisite for attending the course. However, it would give you an advantage in participating in the workshop.

NOTE: Ticket numbers are limited to after the event conversations.

Pure Channeling Online Course with Nicola Russell


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