At StarseedYOU we believe that we are each special and uniquely talented. There is no hierarchy here. We are all about service and sharing. We love what we do and want to share that love and understanding with The Collective. That’s why we built this platform and we are hoping, that’s why you are here too.

We Are Very Excited That You Are Interested In Joining Us As A Master Instructor.

We are very interested in who you are, what you are all about. It is very important to us that our instructors live authentically, and are always listening to their inner guidance.

This school is the living embodiment of what we would like the world to be. Here you will be treated like family, helped whenever needed, and very much appreciated. So as you can see, we are looking for very special people that are in search of that experience as well.

Please take a moment and view our Terms and Policies here. Then continue on and fill out the form below.

Once we’ve received your replies below, we will reach out to set up a Zoom meeting to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and welcome to StarseedYou.

SA Smith & Nicola Russell