Light Language for Children with Georgia Polden


This course is for any family that have children expressing light language or for those that feel their children need to express their light and are yet to truly understand how.
Light language is something that has been known in ancient history, through Buddism, Vedic, Reiki teachings and many more. Here in the west we are only really beginning to understand and expressing light language. This expression is from the heart space when we are in a resonance that can essentially channel higher dimensional aspects of us and connect to source/God Universal energy.
Light language is expressed through creativity and will show up through singing, dancing, art ‘n’ crafts and endless ways.
We will be learning on the course exactly what is light language, the different ways it can be expressed and then implementing them into our lives to stay in alignment with this beautiful gift.
There is a parent section for those wanting to understand how they can best serve their child’s gift too.
It is now more than ever extremely important that we take the time to support children who are expressing their light. Often children are coming in directly from Source with a pure high resonance, much greater than adults before them. This is because the Earth herself is now a higher resonance. The new wave of children is assisting with this shift into a 5th-dimensional resonance.
Your high vibrational child has chosen you because they know you are also a child of the light. Together we support one another to grow and shine.

I look forward to seeing you on this magical and fun course.
Much Love Georgia Lea Polden

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn different ways light language can be used.
  • How to breathe and clear energy ready to use light language
  • Parents will have a clear understanding of what their child is doing and how they can nature and support their child.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

What is light lanuage

what is light lanuage00
Different Dialect00
what is light language for00
What is Light Language

Breathing for clear connection


Light language art?

here we will be looking at using codes and drawing our guides/multidimensional aspects

Light language movement


feeling grounded in the physical body is an important skill to learn for children, especially for those that are coming directly from the source or higher dimensional life times

Parenting a Light language child

Final meditation

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  • Know this is all fun course for kids. If parts of the course aren't your child's cup of tea or they are finding it difficult, move on and come back to it, if it resonates. More than likely your star child will be free-spirited and have a good idea about how they like to integrate their light language.
  • You don't have to follow in any order or have any delines, take your time and just go with the flow.