Learn to Work with Source Energy, Energy Protection, Practicals, Advanced Techniques, and 12d Shield Meditation

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This course will change your everyday life. I tell all my clients to wrap themselves in Source energy daily. With these incoming energies and the changes in the 3D world it is more important than EVER to keep yourself and your energy protected. This is not a negative thing, this is protection for you. You are able to pick up on other people’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and by wrapping yourself in protective energy you can block all that out. You will be able to know that the emotions you are feeling are truly yours.

I call it Source Energy. You may call it Universal Energy or God or Christ Energy, either way you name it, it is the same high vibrational energy.

This is an Energy Foundational Course. This is something that once learned, you will use daily.

In this course, you will learn how to connect and work with Source energy, from Beginning to Advanced Level.

You will be working through lessons that allow you to feel the energy around you, as well as how to connect to Source Energy. You will learn how to connect and use the energy as protection for yourself, your home, your pets, and your vehicles. You will learn how to do several different energy exchanges and protections from beginner to very advanced techniques.

You will also learn about higher vibrational protection which includes a 12-dimensional protection shield meditation that is available for you to use over and over again.

This isn’t your standard energy protection course, because these aren’t your standard times.

Our Energy is stronger than ever and your ability to work with that energy is growing day by day.

Once enrolled you are also able to reach out to me and ask questions.
Please do, I want to be on this energy journey with you.

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-SA Smith

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about Source Energy
  • Learn how to connect to Source Energy
  • Learn through activities how to feel Source Energy
  • Learn how to wrap your body in Protective Source Energy
  • Learn how to wrap your Home and Property in Protective Source Energy
  • Learn how to wrap your vehicles in Protective Source Energy
  • Learn advanced Energy Protection Techniques
  • Also included is a 12D Advanced Energy Protection Mediation

Topics for this course

7 Lessons3h

The Energy Body

Module 1: Energy Body
Waterfall of Light Energy Assignment5:17
Waterfall Energy Assignment Quiz

Energy Protection and Source Energy

Advanced Energy Protection Techniques

Energy Protection For Your Home and Property?

Wrapping your home with Source Energy

12D Protection Mediation