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Inner Child Trauma Recovery – A Journey Of Release, Repair and Recovery with Diane McCann


Begin the journey of release, repair, and recovery from inner child trauma.

My belief is that the most important gift we can be shown in our lives is the gift of self-empowerment and the ability to nurture our emotional and mental wellbeing. Understanding our true self, the experiences we have encountered, and how to become empowered by them is fundamental in building foundation blocks for self-regulation, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief, self-responsibility, and self-worth. As you can see everything begins with OURSELVES.

Events in our life affect us. As children, we can be exposed to traumatic experiences. These experiences may be the result of events, people, programming, varying aspects of abuse, and systemic beliefs. They can lead us to build up barriers and create cycles of, self-sabotage, feel unworthy of good things. Be frightened of changes and want to feel safe even if that means wrecking things for ourselves. It’s all about survival and feeling safe and sometimes we feel safe when we control, it’s a pattern we have had to learn sometimes in life.

What if there was a different way? A different way of BEING? A self-empowered way of changing unhealthy patterns created in our life?

When we are able to understand with a different perspective why experiences in our life are playing out in themes of destruction and dysregulation, we learn about choice. CHOICE allows us to take back control of our lives and to channel and nurture our emotions positively.  Setting ourselves free from limiting beliefs and internalised programming.

I’m a huge advocate in believing that our experiences in life are here to help us learn and grow, they are not about defining who we are, making us victims unless we make that choice.

If you want to learn how to release your energy patterns of inner child trauma and be the creator in your life then this course is a MUST! It really is a pivotal turning point.

From this point forward YOU CAN CHOOSE to make different choices!

From my heart to yours, enjoy.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding how trauma affects us
  • Understanding how we can change our cycles of trauma
  • Understanding we can make healthy choices
  • Understanding we choose to become empowered beings
  • Inner child trauma recovery exercise to begin the journey of release, repair, and recovery
  • Deepening connection to inner-self
  • Understanding of souls gifts
  • Releasing emotional density
  • Changing internalised programming
  • Changing unhealthy trauma cycles

Topics for this course

8 Lessons1h 30m


Welcome To The Inner Child Trauma Recovery Online Course00:4:28

How Trauma Is A Gift From Your Soul

What Is Trauma?

How Trauma Begins

Before We Get Started

Practical Session – Inner Child Trauma Recovery Exercise

Post-Care and Compassion

Next Steps

About the instructor

Diane is a pioneer, multidimensional intuitive channeller, and specialist in vibrational sound therapy. She is passionate about helping others to nurture their emotional and mental wellbeing, to become self-empowered, connecting them to the gifts of their soul and an ascension mentor. She works with adults, children, teenagers, young people and parents. Ever since she was little Diane felt different. She saw fairies and angels, which adults explained away as ‘pretend’ friends. She enjoyed being on her own and the silence that gifted her, which she now recognises as ‘connection’. When she was 8 years old she vividly remembers staring intently into a mirror and repeatedly asking the question ‘Who am I?’ That day as she looked into the deepest depths of her soul as a child she recalls profoundly that she was so much more than her immediate surroundings and was a multidimensional being. Growing up in the 3D matrix of family and society she lost her true self, little by little, by little. At a pivotal point in her life, she was propelled back on course and went on a speed track of learning about spirituality and also embarked on her own personal healing journey, learning how to release trauma, past hurt and trapped energy in her body that had been lying dormant and festering for many, many years. All of Diane’s experiences in life have led to her being a pioneer, specialising in vibrational sound therapy and energy work, emotional regulation techniques, a devoted interest studying the brain, trauma, and nervous system, balanced by a deep spiritual connection. She is a mentor on all aspects of the ascension process. Through her journey, she has also unveiled the gift of vibrational language, also known as light language. She runs a multi award-winning business and lives with her husband, adopted son and two cats in the United Kingdom. She is a huge advocate for mental and emotional health and is renowned for helping adults to become masters of their emotions. Helping to release past hurt and trauma. Empowering them to nurture their mental and emotional wellbeing. Taking them on a journey from living in the head to the heart, finding a deeper inner connection. She has a deep passion working with children, teenagers and young people showing them how to release emotions in a healthy way, connecting with these energetically and discovering the powerful benefits of working with sound. Her work is extremely beneficial for anyone and especially those who suffer from anxiety, anger, low emotional and mental wellbeing, and modern-day diagnosis of asd, adhd and sensory processing difficulties. She also works with parents creating space for them to challenge their belief systems. To let go of control, attachments, expectations, judgements of themselves and of their children to align to new paradigms. Creating new energetic and conscious relationships with their children. Diane says ‘I love the diversity my work gift’s me, merging the conventional and the unconventional together, creating powerful personalised experiences for my clients’. Her purpose, passion and joy are to share her experience enabling individuals to master their ‘souls gift’. To become empowered to raise their frequency, and align to their own truth. Helping to restore overall wellbeing and create a happy life. She says when all’s said and done, when you dig deep and get right down to it, all anyone wants is to find peace​. Connect with Diane Website Facebook Youtube
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Material Includes

  • Inner Child Trauma Recovery Exercise


  • Complete this course in a quiet space free from any distractions
  • Notebook and pen
  • Blanket
  • Water