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Awakening Supporting Activation of all Chakra’s with Robert van Kooten


This course is made to support you in this Great Awakening. In these times we shift and our energetical and physical systems are changing. To support your systems in this change I have recorded 4 activations.

  • Heart area
  • Solar Plexus area
  • Hara area
  • 3rd eye area

Next to this, you will receive a bonus activation to empower you after these activations. Called ‘Power Protection’. This will help you to ground and integrate the strong and powerful activations. And as an extra bonus and that is ‘Pillar of Light’ is a lovely sweet energy activation that will bring beautiful and blissful light into your system.

What Will I Learn?

  • Frequencies will refresh your system
  • Activations will support your energetically system
  • Old energies will be cleared
  • You will feel renewed

Topics for this course

44 Lessons3h

Light Frequency collective activation

Light Frequency collective activation

Our Merkabah

Travelling – Spaceship

Purpose of this course


How I work

How it works

Before we begin: Connect to your heart, Breath and ground!

Explaining the position of the hands and explanation where the energy from your fingertips goes:

The frequencies:

The build-up of this course

Heart area with a frequency sounding like Bees

Heart activations Examples

Heart activations Collective

Solar Plexus area with a frequency sounding like Fly’s

Solar Plexus activations Examples

Solar Plexus activations Collective

Hara area with a frequency sounding like Wolfs

Hara activations Examples

Hara activations Collective

3rd eye area with a frequency sounding like Mosquitos

3rd Eye activations Examples

3rd Eye activations Collective

Whole (all) activation set

Power Protection

Power Protection activations Examples

Power Protection activations Collective

Pilar of Light

Pilar of Light activations Example

Pilar of Light activations Collective

And now, after this what can you do more?

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Material Includes

  • Frequencies and codes are in the course


  • There are no requirements
  • All instructions are in this course