Agnihotra Fire Ceremony for Purification


Are you interested in a ritual in the morning, afternoon, or even both?

I am Dutch living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am doing this ceremony for 8 years now, every morning and evening – as often as fits.

This is the Mother of all fire ceremonies and will give you superb energy. This course is an introduction to the Vedic purification ceremony called Agnihotra.

Ben je geïnteresseerd in een ritueel in de ochtend, middag of zelfs beide?

Ik ben een Nederlander en woon in Amsterdam, Nederland. Ik doe deze ceremonie nu 8 jaar, elke ochtend en avond – zo vaak als het lukt.

Dit is de Moeder van alle vuurceremonies en zal je geweldige energie geven. Deze cursus is een inleiding tot de Vedische zuiveringsceremonie genaamd Agnihotra.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course shows how Agnihotra is performed. It is an introduction to get to know the energy of this ceremony.
  • An introduction to this beautiful energy.
  • Deze cursus laat zien hoe Agnihotra wordt uitgevoerd. Het is een inleiding om de energie van deze ceremonie te leren kennen.
  • Een kennismaking met deze prachtige energie.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons30m


Welcome to the ceremony
Introduction to the ceremony58

Purpose performing Agnihotra is the purification of the atmosphere?

The effect of Agnihotra to the environment

The effects of Agnihotra in pictures

The type of cow and the role of cow dung

The Ceremony?

This is a recording of the complete ceremony.

The power of Agnihotra Ash


The travelcase?

A travel case can be purchased or self-made with all necessary components for the ceremony

How to figure out rge exact Agnihotra time?

Agnihotra is a time specific ceremony this explanation will offer peace and flow in preparing with the right timing

I start exact 10 minutes before the exact Agnihotra time!?

This is the part in which the offering and the Mantra is explained

Additional points of importance

Shopping/Information suggestions

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  • Be open to all possibillities and energies