Writing Light Language Codes with Nicola Russell


  • Ignite Your Gift of Writing Light Codes
  • Use Your Written Light Language Codes to Heal Yourself and Others
  • Understand Your Gift

Writing Light Language Codes with Nicola Russell      

A course that will spark your written Light Language expression.

The understanding of your capabilities of igniting your conscious gifts is as simple as understanding you are amazing. But if you don’t realize you are amazing then you won’t see this in yourself or be able to ignite your gift. We block ourselves with thoughts of the inability to even own such gifts. So with a pure intention of moving the gift into your life will help the process. Let us look at how to ignite this gift of writing Light codes. A true gift of Light, a reflection of your Soul.

Once you have started to express your codes and Soul understanding, we will move into understanding your gift a little deeper and then into understanding the codes themselves, as well as how you can use codes to help heal others. There are messages for the subconscious mind. Let me guide you into understanding them for yourself.


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