Toning and Breath Recordings from Intuitive Healer Program with Nicola Russell


Intuitive Healer ProgramĀ 

Toning and Breath in this Incarnation and the Quantum Field Understanding

Moving throughout all time and space to heal yourself and others is the new field of energy that we are able to access as we rise higher into the higher realms of understanding. But first, we must understand how to use our breath and the vibration of sound out of our mouths to release dense energy out of our physical bodies and energetic field. This baseline of experience will create a firm understanding once we reach a deeper releasing experience into the Quantum field.

These videos will enhance your understanding of intuitive breathwork. Let go of your minds and body and you will go deeper into the pure essence of your soul. Your Light. This information was taken from a Live One-Off Event. It is the fourth video of a series of channeled recordings for the Intuitive Healer Program.

The first recording is Pure Channeling, the Second recording – Is distance Healing, and the Third – is Quantum Field, this is the fourth session, and the last session will be all about Mindset and Empowerment.

Each recording stands alone, however, I would higher recommend you connect with all of the information, as each piece of the jigsaw puzzle will enhance your understanding of the process and quicken your healing journey and that of others.