Private Online Session with A Girl in the Universe’s SA Smith


Sometimes you’ll need more than a course or a module.

Sometimes you’ll need one-on-one time with someone who understands what you’re going through.

These energies are hard enough to go through alone, having SA Smith’s undivided attention is a wonderful way to work through whatever issues you are currently experiencing.

SA “Sherri” Smith is a Cosmic Intuitive. She has always been sensitive beyond the normal. She has the ability to tap into the Collective and feel what is happening and help her clients tap in too. She sees images, shapes, places, and events before they happen. She uses her connection to Source and her Guides during her sessions to connect to her client’s energy. This allows her to be able to feel her client’s etheric field and get the answers her clients are looking for.

SA is certified in several different Energy Modalities from cleansing, clearing, alignment, and is a licensed Reiki Master. She is also a Certified Ascension Life Coach, specializing in ascension, awakening, life purpose, and personal energies understanding and guidance.

Each client is unique and their needs change regularly as they ascend. She works with her clients now exclusively online via Zoom. Her goal is to be available to each client uniquely as their peer, mentor, and as a friend on their journey. She uses her connection to Source as her conduit between the light and her client. Enabling energy manifesting to cleanse, clear, and align, not only people but their pets too. She also uses her energy connection to cleanse spaces, places, and items.

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Each session usually runs around an hour or so long. Plan to relax, talk for a bit as SA reaches out to your energy, and connects directly to you. From there we will work together to answer your questions, align your chakras, cleans and clear your energy, reset your field, provide protection for yourself or your home. Whatever you feel is needed, SA will work to accomplish with you.

  • This is a special one-on-one session with SA Smith through
  • Upon purchasing you will receive an email to set up your appointment time that works for your schedule.
  • You can also book a set of four sessions at a 10% discount that SA Smith only offers for StarSeedYOU members. (ask about this for more information)

What are you waiting for?

Ready to get your path to ascension opened up?

Ready to find out more about who you truly are?

Book your session today.

-SA Smith
A Girl in the Universe

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