Quantum Energy and Sound Healer – Level 1 with Nicola Russell


Become A Quantum Energy and (Voice) Sound Healer Level 1, with Nicola Russell

Are you an Energy healer or want to be? Are you being drawn to this type of work? Are struggling with your connection? Do you want extra guidance to find your own way of healing? Do you want to evolve into becoming a Quantum Energy and Sound Healer? 

My journey started as a Reiki Master. Reiki is my foundation to my healing modality and understanding of who I am today. This course will give you all the information I have accumulated over the past five years. Each individual course I have set as a prerequisite to this course.

You will use your voice through intuitive toning. If you have activated your Light Language gift you may also want to include the Understanding Light language Course in the Course, this is not compulsory.

You hold all the keys to remember who you are. You know deep down inside how to do things, it’s just a case of remembrance. Let me help you remember the healer you are at a quickened pace.

This course is for you, regardless of level. How much information you hold; this course will hold information that will encourage you to step into your authentic self. Surrender and trust the process. Opening up your awareness, you have to have the firm foundations to progress.

The time scale of this course will be dependant on your time you wish to dedicate to it and prior knowledge. Minimum of 6 months, Maximum recommended time scale 1 year. There are over 4 hours of video and written information in this course, and over 12 hours worth of prerequisite courses to be worked through.

This course holds so much information. Work through it and integrate as you go. It is highly intuitive and empowering. Looking forward to helping you remember your gifts and life’s purpose.

Nicola x