Past, Present Emotional Release Understanding with Nicola Russell

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Past Life Emotions Release Practice with Nicola Russell

Energetic Emotional Release with Channelled Light Language Guidance

Including a Light Language Transmission to Release Emotional Blocks


For self-practice and practice on others

Are you finding it difficult to regulate your emotions during these high energies and times of change? Are stuck in a cycle of emotions that hold you full of fear, anger, and sadness? Being triggered by others? Become empowered and let go of your emotions throughout all time and space.

Emotions that are creating energetic blocks are emotions that are blocking you from moving on with your healing, whether it is in this life or past life incarnations. This course will help you become self-empowered, to help you understand how to connect and release these emotional blocks- Past Life Energetic Emotional Release.

During the course Nicola will be channeling Light Language, to assist you with a subconscious understanding, upgrading your energy and understanding. The interpretation in English will give you a conscious understanding.

Work through the course at your own pace. The more you experience and understand your energy, the more you will understand the process. It is a refinement of the experience that will create a strengthened understanding. As well as using this process on yourself, if you are a Healer, then you can also use this on your client too.

Nicola x


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