One To One Mentoring or Distance Healing Session with Nicola Russell


Mentoring Session

Do you feel you need something more in your life? Bored with the same old job, relationships, experiences? Upset with the world around you? You just do not fit in. There is something you need to do here, something you have forgotten.

Remembrance into the Light
It is time for the great awakening, as a collective, and for you too.
It is time to put down your old belief systems, old ways, old relationships, and bring in the new.
It is time to wake up and remember who you are.
My mentorship program – remembrance into the light is a program that I have brought together over years of experience of trials and tribulations, to show you the way forward into your light.
This program is tailored to your needs. You choose what subjects you wish to remember. It is a remembrance; you are not learning something you already do not know. Once you hear and clarify in your mind, it will settle, and with ease, you will tune into your inner guidance. Once you are in your flow and connected to your inner guidance you are then self-empowered to journey onwards with a firm foundation of understanding information, that took me years to collect.

Or Distance Healing Session 

Advantages of Distance Healing Sessions

What are the advantages of having a distance healing session?

From Your Perspective:

Having a distant healing session gives you an understanding of self-empowerment. The clarity of mind to be worked on from a distant source will enable you to open up deeper and wider into your healing journey. This understanding of your energetic field allows the ego-mind to be released, to allow a higher understanding to be experienced. When you allow and observe the experience without a conversation before and after you can find yourself deepening your own understanding of your soul. A complete detachment from myself and yourself will bring in higher levels of consciousness. This integration of higher resonances of energetic flow will help deepen the healing of deep core wounds, blocks, past traumas, emotional states, cords, contracts, throughout all time and space. 

Not only that, a distance healing will give you privacy, time to integrate without interruptions, clarifying your inner journeying from a conscious state of mind. The report sent after the healing will give you an understanding of the process achieved and ongoing information for future healing sessions or self-healing experiences. 

From My perspective:

A distance healing enables me to completely let go of my ego-mind. Stopping any questioning of concepts, a judgment of myself. This deepens the connection and allows me to fully flow in the experience. My higher self and multidimensional aspects are able to reach deeper core wounds, higher levels of consciousness as a result of taking out the human mind, which sometimes influences the experiences and creates slight doubts and blocks within the healing process. Distant healing brings clarity to the whole mind, resulting in an intensified experience and results.

Because of the nature of the healing, it is important to set your intentions when booking your session. There is a form to fill out on booking, please consider what intentions serve you well. The intention from my perspective is always for your highest good and the expansion of your soul. I take care to release everything that is available to leave your energetic field throughout all time and space. Please be aware, your soul has a full understanding of our connection and will create only the best for you to move into a higher level of consciousness and understanding of yourself. 



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