Mindset and Empowerment – Intuitive Healer Program with Nicola


The Intuitive Healer Program – Mindset and Empowerment


The final piece to The Intuitive Healer Program – Mindset and Empowerment, is the most important path for change. It is when you can look into your Mind and see that what is holding you back from your expansion of your Heart. The Mind is powerful aspect of You, let it run the show, it will. Be in harmony with your Mind, your life will be in balance.

This recording from Nicola, raises all the understandings from Nicola’s experience, along with the pure channelling recording of a Live event. It is the movement from being in your Mind, into that of your Higher Mind. This connection will provide you will a sense of empowerment to heal yourself and potentially others, if you so choose.

Light Language understanding is also experienced which will upgrade your understanding from a subconscious perspective.

The other parts to this program are Pure Channelling, Distant Healing, Quantum Field, Toning and Breath. All can be found singularly on StarseedYou or within the Intuitive Healer Course


Mentoring is also available on a one-to-one basis.

Looking forward to working with you, to guide you to become an Intuitive Healer.

Nicola x


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