Intro to Shadow Work with Amanda Parnell


What is shadow work?

Shadow work is the process of exploring the parts within ourselves that we’ve been taught we need to keep hidden, our inner torments or “shadow self”. Renowned psychologist Carl Jung used this term to describe a part of the unconscious mind that is built of all the things we feel (or are taught to feel) ashamed for thinking or feeling as well as our impulses, repressed ideas/desires, fears and perversions that for one reason or another have been locked away consciously or unconsciously. We usually do this as a way to feel more presentable or acceptable in the eyes or others and therefore more worthy of being liked and loved. Shadow work refers to the attempt to uncover these things we have kept hidden or deem unlikeable and that we’ve ultimately rejected within. This course is not a  “quick fix”. By being able to identify and examine your emotions to get to the root of your triggers in the moment, you’re able to live more fully and authentically but that takes a conscious effort every day to be willing to continue to do that.


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Amanda Parnell
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